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We refer to our foster families as care takers in this form. Care Taker Packet What does it take to be a caretaker? Caretaking for a homeless dog can be extremely rewarding and fun. The feeling of knowing that you have saved a life and helped bring back the spirit of an animal is quite a wonderful feeling. You might be thinking "I could never do that, I would want to keep every one of them" Many caretakers do think this in the beginning. Adoption day is very hard, but all caretakers will tell you that if you do not let them go, where will the next homeless dog go? It gets easier as you see the many wonderful people that decide to open up their hearts and homes to a rescue dog. What do I get out of being a caretaker? Other than the rewarding feeling of knowing that you have helped save a life, RPR does provide you the necessities you will need: Special Dog food, if needed, any medication required, and kennels (if required). All dogs are temperament evaluated for your home situation before the dog enters your household. If for ANY reason, a dog is not working out for your household, RPR will pull the dog as soon as possible and place elsewhere. All caretakers are given the opportunity to interview potential adopters for dogs in their care. If at all possible all dogs are evaluated by our Veterinarian and given flea control if necessary before they enter a caretakers home. What will be expected of me? Caretakers are asked to take care of the dog until such time as he/she is adopted. Should the dog need to be removed from the caretakers homes, we ask the caretakers to give RPR at least 2-3 days to locate a new caretaker. In some cases we also ask the caretaker to transport their foster dog to and from the vet. Above all, caretakers are expected to give love and compassion to the boxers in their care.

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