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Adopting a Dog From Rockin P Rescue

Successfully adopting dogs is the reason we are here.  It is very important that the placements are permanent and are right for the dog and the adopting family.  To ensure this we have a specific procedure we follow.  That procedure is shown below.   If you are interested in adopting please view our available dogs and fill out our adoption form.   


** We do not adopt female bully breeds to a home with another female bully breed. This is one of our policies that we do not bend on. While many female dogs do get along peacefully, adopting a female into a home with a female is like playing roulette.  It’s a 50 / 50 gamble whether they will always get along. When 2 females are close in age there is always a competition between the two. Many times owners don’t even notice it and think that the girls should work things out but that is the wrong answer.  Most likely, the fights will escalate, and the cases where one dog is injured increases.  On the other hand, when you adopt a younger female dog in the home with an older female dog, once the younger dog starts to mature, she will want to start becoming dominant. At this time the older one is possible weaker and fights will break out and escalate and injury to death can occur. We do not want to take that chance. 

If you have questions about adoption please feel free to email at [email protected].