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Adopted September 2021



Age: 2-3 yo
Sex: NM 

Available: Now 

Cameron is gorgeous and that is a fact! Cameron is also extremely high energy. Because of this we want to make sure we find the RIGHT home for him. Please know that Cameron will not be considered for a home with small children. Cameron wants to play and he doesn’t understand how large he is. We will only consider adopters with a lot of dog experience. Cameron will need someone who is committed to working with him and training him. He is dog selective so if you have other pets they will have to meet prior to adoption. We in no way want to discourage anyone from adopting Cameron. He is amazing and so sweet and loving. He just is a lot of dog! So many people see him and get wowed by his beauty, but he has to be the right dog for the right home. This big guy loves to play, especially with a rope tug toy, as long as you play with him. He can catch treats in the air and is a nose work wiz. He does need some work on his leash walking. Slow walking is OK, but if you start to walk fast he starts to pull. So we’ll keep practicing that. Cameron is a super dog that still acts like an adolescent some times – he will do great with training and exercise to help him focus. We’re so proud of Cameron’s progress. Give him a job, whether it’s an obedience command or a nose work search or a chance to snuggle up for butt rubs (yes, we think getting butt rubs is a great job!) Cameron is all over it. Focusing on a task helps him keep from being too high energy. If you think Cameron is the right fit for your home please fill out an application.

This dog is being fostered near Jacksonville, AL. You must be willing to drive part if not all of the way to pick up this dog for adoption unless transportation to another state has been arranged.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Please click here to submit an online adoption application. 

Adoption contributions are as follows:
* $300.00 for a dog 6 months and under
* $250.00 for a dog aged 7 months to 1 year
* $225.00 for a dog over one year