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Adopted August 2021



Age: 1.5 years 
Sex: F 

Available: Now

UPDATE: Birsy is now ready to be adopted!

UPDATE: Barclay / Bitsy made in thru the night. She is not eating but us went out to potty. No necrosis but her colon was not happy looking. So hopefully she will start eating a bit. She is not out of the woods yet. Thanks for the financial support and the prayers! Keep them coming!

UPDATE: The vet did barium xrays throughout the day and there is a blockage. She will need exploratory surgery in the morning.

Update: Barclay aka Bitsy needs your prayers and/or good vibes and thoughts. She came back to RPR today and is now at the vets. She hasn’t eaten since Wednesday and may have an obstruction. We will update as I can.  She was originally adopted in May of 2021.

This dog is being fostered near Jacksonville, AL. You must be willing to drive part if not all of the way to pick up this dog for adoption unless transportation to another state has been arranged.  Please contact us with any questions. 

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Adoption contributions are as follows:
* $300.00 for a dog 6 months and under
* $250.00 for a dog aged 7 months to 1 year
* $225.00 for a dog over one year