Age: 8 months
Sex: M

Available: Now

Ottie is PutBill Terrior mix and is 8 months old. Not only is he a handsome boy, he is also the sweetest pet anyone could ask for. He loves to play with people and with other dogs. Ottie is very expressive with his emotions, you can see how he’s feeling just through his eyes! He is crate trained and potty trained with rarely a few accidents.

This dog is being fostered near Jacksonville, AL. You must be willing to drive part if not all of the way to pick up this dog for adoption unless transportation to another state has been arranged.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Please click here to submit an online adoption application.

Adoption contributions are as follows:
* $300.00 for a dog 6 months and under
* $250.00 for a dog aged 7 months to 1 year
* $225.00 for a dog over one year