Granny Rose

Age: To be determined
Sex: F

Permanent Hospice Care

Granny Rose was turned in as a stray wearing an oversized pink coat and a ratty old collar. She has multiple pressure sores and apparent arthritis in her back end. The fact that she is rail thin probably benefits her achy joints.  Granny Rose will not be a long-term resident of Rockin P Rescue.  She has many medical conditions that require regular monitoring.  We have made the decision to let her spend the remaining time she has being spoiled and loved, by her foster family.  While you cannot adopt Granny Rose you can support her care.  Often the senior dogs are overlooked, but take a great financial chunk to properly care for.  We will not let her suffer. We will not let her die in a kennel.  We will provide the best care available because the is our mission.  Thank you to all that help us help her to enjoy her life

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