Kurunda Special!


Our Partners are the first to know that we’ve teamed up with LupinePet Collars & Leashes!
LupinePet products are made in the heart of the White Mountains and are inspired by the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear. The high quality of LupinePet’s products, their locally manufactured business model combined with their “Even if Chewed” Lifetime Guarantee are exactly the reasons we knew this partnership is a perfect fit for Kuranda.
This is great because Lupine Collars and leashes are exchangeable no matter what! Even if your dog chews them up , you just send back the peices and they will send you another one. 
I love them!!! The martingale collars are the ones I use most with the boxers and bulldogs.  – Angie Persch  

When you order through our partner link Rockin P Rescue gets a percentage of the sale and you still get a great product at a great price.